Pain Management Health

In a 5-page case study paper, create a fictitious client for whom you will do the following: assess either acute or chronic pain (indicate how you will conduct the assessment), identify sources of the pain (describe in detail the sources and use the biopsychosocial model), determine the consequences of the pain condition (describe the physical and psychological consequences), and formulate a pain management plan of action.


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Pain Management Health
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Describe how the planned intervention(s) will affect both the physiological and psychological consequences of pain. You may use information from the Intervention Evaluation assignments. In addition to the course readings, you must incorporate at least two additional scholarly sources (e.g., refereed journals or scholarly books). The 5-page case study must use headers for the following sections: Description of Client (give demographic details about the client), Condition and Cause of Pain (Describe in detail the pain condition and identify causes), Consequences of Pain (Detail the symptomology associated with this pain condition), and Pain Management Plan (Include in the plan the approach to assessment.

The plan should also address short and long term intervention strategies). Sub-headings may be used to further categorize the description (e.g., physiological mechanisms and psychological mechanisms). APA citations are required. Successful projects will effectively integrate content and concepts from the course readings as well as additional sources. A clear connection between the condition, consequences, and treatment should be abundantly evident.


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