Preventive Maintenance of Elevetor

Please write a Literature Review to refer to the project title “To Improve the Preventive Maintenance of Elevator by Using the Thermal Imaging”. Please provide your Literature review sub-title (draft) when bid, thanks. The brief project Aim and Objective of the FYP are as follows: Aim: To design the preventive maintenance system for the existing elevator with thermal-imaging technology Objectives:


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Preventive Maintenance of Elevetor
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•To review the relevant code of practice (in Hong Kong) and supplier technical information. •To finds out the insufficient preventive maintenance procedure in the lift controller; •To analyzes the elevator maintenance performance and passenger demand as a baseline. •To identify the key factor resulting in elevator breakdown which related to the failure of controller •To identify the standard working temperature of different electrical/electronic components in the elevator controller; For more information on this check: 


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