Biology Evolution


For this final paper, you must be more formal than with your past weekly journal/reflection papers. The topic for your final paper is Evolution. Despite evolution’s potential for personal controversy, it is an essential element of biology and our natural world. In this paper, you will outline your response to a hypothetical situation by presenting your supporting arguments and summarizing your conclusion.

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Biology Evolution
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Hypothetical Situation
Imagine on the first day during which your class is discussing evolution, a fellow student says to you, “I don’t believe in evolution or that it creates new species of organisms.”
What would you say back to this student? Do you agree with them? Does the scientific evidence agree with them? Why or why not?
Support your response to the student with the scientific concepts we are learning about in class.

This submission is required to be a minimum of 3 pages, double‐spaced, 12 point standard font, in APA format, and with additional works cited page.

20.0 pts

Exemplary – Thoughtfully considers both sides, specifies a response, clearly connects to scientific evidence and ends with a comprehensive conclusion tying all the elements together.

15.0 pts
Exemplary – Supplements paper with MORE than 3 relevant and appropriate resources that are clearly incorporated into the body of the paper.

10.0 pts
Exemplary – The paper is extremely well organized, makes transitions from paragraph to paragraph, no spelling or grammatical errors, and no evidence of plagiarism.

5.0 pts
Exemplary – The paper completely adheres to the formatting requirements laid out in the instructions (including proper reference citation).For more information on Biology Evolution check out this:

Biology evolution

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