Coke Versus Pepsi 

Chapter 3.  Read the Coke vs Pepsi case study on pages 172-3 (9th ed.) and answer 5 of the 6 following questions: 1. What conceptual blocks were experienced by Coke executives? 2. What is the difference between blind taste tests and taking a six-pack home and consuming the entire amount? What do you suppose were of that test?


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Coke Versus Pepsi 
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3. How do you explain the success of Coke versus Pepsi over the last 20 years? What would you now advise Pepsi do? 4. How do problem-solving and decision-making processes change under time pressures or crises? 5.Knowing what you know about problem-solving, what kinds of conceptual blockbusters could be useful to Pepsi executives and also to Coke executives? What rules of thumb seem relevant in these types of situations? 6. What did you learn from this case that would help you advise other organizations? What practical hints do you derive from the classic case of competitive marketplace dynamics? to get more information on this check:


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