Battery Technologies

Google has offered you a job, your first truly professional position. You can choose any Research project, because they have their hands in everything.

You are by no means limited to this list, since Google will invest in any Energy-related sector.

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Battery Technologies
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You must however, justify your choice of topic because you will be placed in this Google division, and they will not accept those who seem disengaged. Remember that you must:

Show what you know about the cutting edge of your chosen technology (use solid Citations) “Battery technologies – the key to renewables”

Quote from authoritative personages in your chosen field, including Google’s competitors.

State WHY the field will be important to our future.

Be convincing in your argument that you are truly INTERESTED in this sector.

Submit 300 words of compelling text, with at least one infographic.(MUST have graphic communications charts, figures) For more information on Battery Technologies read this:

Battery Tecnology

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