Comprehensive Report

Your first experience day is to provide a comprehensive report of how companies market to you.

Assignment Walkthrough

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Comprehensive Report
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Walk around, take pictures, journal, record video. Do NOT use outside sources for your paper; this is a reaction. You need to experience marketing to get credit.

Discuss the messages, the advertisements, the companies, the credible sources..

– what companies you are drawn to? why?
– what advertisements do you notice? why?
– in these marketing components, are there specific things that entice you? Sights, sounds, looks, people, etc. Why?
– what messages do you notice? who are they directed to? how do those messages make it to the audience? are they effective?
– where do you notice marketing the most? go to those places – take pictures, discuss, get input from friends

Anything that gives me a clear sense of where you feel most marketed to, and what those companies are doing right/wrong. You must also provide a summary of marketing techniques and what you learned/how you will apply in the future (usually 1-3 pages) This is really helpful as a tie-in to all the material you put in your paper.

Please note, I am looking for MULTIPLE companies or brands for comparison. Comparisons of 3 or less products or companies are not effective because it doesn’t tell me what you experienced.

Good assignments in the past have been around 10 pages minimum.For more information on Comprehensive Report read this:

Comprehensive Report

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