Criminal Justice


Your role is to act as a motivated speaker to discuss current examples of and the impact of crimes of the powerful to an audience that is unaware of current events. Remember, you should be using your authentic voice and use your own voice as applicable.

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Criminal Justice
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You will be addressing this assignment not only to me but to an unfamiliar audience. This may include an activist group, a group of other students, or at a community event.


This assignment should be a 4-6 page essay (plus any references drawn on), double spaced, Time New Roman, 12 font with 1 inch margins.


Read 6 local or international NEWSPAPERS (not youtube, etc) and identify 2 current cases of corporate crime and 2 current cases of state crime (dated this month-the past four weeks only). Provide the source in text (author name, year and if quoting, page) and full reference including URL in your reference page. Discuss the crime/harm-do not just copy and paste the article-it should be in your words only. This should be 4-6 pages. DO NOT use occupational crimes. Your job is to identify them as a crime regardless of the lack of being called a corporate crime or state crime. and provide correctly identified example and proper source.For more information on Criminal Justice check out this:

Criminal Justice

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