Forensic Identification with the Use of DNA

The paper should be a minimum of 1,700 words in length, excluding title page, abstract, and reference page. The presentation is to be a PowerPoint with 7 slides, NOT including the title page and references and this will primarily focus on a specific aspect of Forensic Science.

Students are responsible for the preparation and inclusion of visual aids (such as PowerPoint, graphs, and/or charts) or other supportive materials, including references in APA format. Do not cut and paste your research paper. These visual aids will generally document the overall content of the written paper itself. Students are to use Microsoft PowerPoint® (PowerPoint) and include the visual aids within the body of their paper, or as an additional attachment thereto.

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Forensic Identification with the Use of DNA
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Each Research Paper and Presentation will be evaluated according to the following dimensions:

• Analysis and Interpretation (AI)

• Fact Finding (FF)

• Logical Development of Ideas (LDI)

• Level of Detail (LD)

• Leadership Presence (LP)

• Risk-Taking (RT)

• Overall Content of Paper (OCP) For information on Forensic Identification please read this:

Forensic Identification

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