Sherlock Holmes memoirs

Analysis of the Sherlock Holmes memoirs from page 3 to 13(chapter silver blaze only)
The link of the book:

The following Essay shaould contain:
1)A brief summary of the chapter for the introduction
3)Structure – How is the text organized, literally (i.e. layout/formatting)? What kinds of structural elements of a particular text type do you see?

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Sherlock Holmes memoirs
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4)Stylistic devices – How does the author use language to convey a sentiment or message? What kinds of linguistic tools does he/she employ?

5)Tone/mood – How does the text make you and/or the target audience feel? Describe the atmosphere of the text.
6) A conclusion is not necessary to include.

Further instruction:
Each point mentioned should have an explanation and evidence from the text. Evidence can be a quote of text or indication, for example from page ….. paragraph ….. to page….. paragraph….. . A point is considered to be valid as far as the explanation makes sense, even if it’s a prediction or a guess.For more information on Sherlock Holmes memoirs read this:

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