Van Ryzin’s Research-based Findings

Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Before you begin this writing assignment, carefully read the following:
Berman text, Chapter 4
Miller text, Chapters 6-9
Van Ryzin article
Print out and refer to the Academic Writing Visual. Follow all guidelines presented there as you complete this assignment.
Structure your paper using the subheadings provided below:
Title Page. Include a properly formatted APA title page with an original and meaningful title, your name, the course, and the submission date.
Three Key Findings. What are Van Ryzin’s research-based findings in terms of the relationship among the ideas of government performance, administrative process, and trust in government? Compose a well-written narrative that discusses at least three (3) key findings. (3 paragraphs)
Identify each key finding with a subheading.
Each key finding should be discussed in its own paragraph.
Include at least one (1) citation from the Van Ryzin article in your discussion of each finding.
Article Advice. Compose an academically-minded reflection that discusses at least one (1) idea that emerges from this research that stands out to you as particularly useful knowledge for contemporary public managers focused on quality and productivity improvement in government. Explain and justify your statements by including at least one direct quote as text support from the Berman and/or Miller text, as evidenced by properly formatted APA in-text citations. (1-2 paragraphs)
References. Conclude your paper with a complete reference list in APA format that includes all and only the references you used. At a minimum, this list should include the Van Ryzin article and one (1) of the course textbooks.
This submission should consist of 750-1000 words.For more information on Van Ryzin’s Research-based Findings read this:com/browse/research” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>

Van Ryzin's Research-based Findings

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Van Ryzin’s Research-based Findings
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