Counterargument Discussion Forum

When writing any type of essay, analyzing the audience is important. As you have learned before, you are not just writing for your professor, but for a fairly broader audience as well. When developing a proposal argument, you should be carefully writing with your audience in mind. This means that you should consider your position from multiple perspectives, anticipate possible objections to your idea, and argue your position with the more skeptical members of your audience in mind.

In an effort to weigh both sides of the issue, please do the following:

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Counterargument Discussion Forum
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In your first post, provide the following:
your working thesis statement for Essay 4. Remember, your thesis statement is a one-sentence statement that clearly expresses your position on the topic.
an explanation of why this topic appeals to you (why did you choose to talk about this?)
some discussion about what kind of evidence will be necessary to support your thesis (what evidence will satisfy your critics?) and where you will find that evidence (what resources? what databases?)
In response posts, offer an opposing viewpoint for some of your classmates’ topics. You should do this even if you happen to personally agree with the classmate’s point of view. The whole point here is to offer opposing views that hopefully make the writer consider their position from a deeper, more well-rounded point of view- whether you happen to agree with them or not.
The author of the original post (from Step 1) could then attempt to refute (politely!) any of the opposing viewpoints that the student receives for their thesis statement, either in continued forum discussion or as part of their eventual final draft. To “refute” means to “deny,” “contradict,” or “disprove,” but we do so professionally, logically, and with supporting evidence. Use the opposing viewpoints you receive as inspiration to dig into your topic for information that helps prove your case.

Remember, be understanding and open-minded: some of your peers will disagree with your argument and vice versa- 1) that’s okay; and 2) the instructions in this forum REQUIRE you to (respectfully) disagree!

Task 1: Create a new discussion topic on or before the required date/time by clicking the ‘**REPLY HERE**’ post. Develop a substantive main thread addressing each part of the prompt in full. Your initial thread should be 2-3 paragraphs in length (200+ words) and provide evidence (using MLA style) from course-assigned materials when directed. For more information about MLA Style, see the Purdue Online Writing Lab here:

Counterargument Discussion Forum

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