Advanced Epidemiology

Moderate language, proper apa citation= reference to articles

Topic may be about cancer, diabetes etc

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Advanced Epidemiology
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For this week, you will find two different articles (one intervention study and one cohort study) that approach answering a similar question. You may choose the topic but it needs to be relevant to human health. You will search the library or other databases to find two articles on the same topic that use two different study design approaches. In your post, answer the following:

1. Identify the study design for each study.

2. Compare and contrast the results of both studies (using appropriate data, ex. RR). Did they come to the same conclusion?

3. Compare and contrast the study designs. Which one appears to address the question better and why?For more information on Advanced Epidemiology read this:org/wiki/Epidemiology” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>

Advanced Epidemiology

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