Comprehensive Selection Process

Write no less than 6 pages (not including the reference or title page), double-spaced, 12-point font.
Create a title page with APA formatting.
Use headings to guide the reader and focus your writing on both Parts 1 and 2 of the assignment.
Introduction with a clear thesis statement presented by the end and conclusion that summarizes everything.
Use appendices to attach your flowchart and any other visuals or tables that would be helpful to communicate your ideas or strategy.
Use at least 4 scholarly sources (i.e., peer-reviewed academic journals or academic books from the discipline, refrain from using websites).
You will continue to build your research and review regarding the selection of the original organization you identified. The purpose is to have you compile previous research and recommendations into an updated recruiting and selection process flowchart to be implemented at the company. Complete each of the following parts to be included in the final project submission.

Part 1: Overall Process Perspective

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Comprehensive Selection Process
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Incorporate your research from Week 1. You can pull in the work you have already created and edit so that it is relevant to the organization overall. In addition, you will expand your research by creating a flowchart to demonstrate your recommendations for the organization. Be sure to speak to anything unique about the company or applicants that are driving your recommendations. Customization and consideration for the specific company should be apparent in your product.

For this part there should be the following components:

Research briefing about the general industry, the specific company, current process, areas for improvement based on best practices.
Process flowchart
This can be displayed in any way as long as it communicates the applicant’s experience from beginning to end.
Outline all components of the selection/recruitment process and who is responsible for each section as a stakeholder. As a reminder, swim lanes keep the responsibilities organized and help stakeholders understand the flow between all of the parties.
Provide supplemental writing or material needed to explain the flowchart, why you chose this process, assessments, steps, etc.
Provide research citations that back the process outlined in your flowchart. Your reasoning should be backed by research and best practices.
Be sure to address the benefits and best practices that are backing your decisions.
Part 2: External Experiences

Before taking on an overhaul of their personnel selection practices the organization would like to hear from external professionals on their experiences, and how they have been impacted. For this Part, you will conduct user research. You can utilize interviews from professionals who could speak about recruiting and selection, individuals who have gone through a hiring process, online content and research, or other resources to compile insights into external user insights.

There should be the following components:

Introduction to the professionals, users, and other resources being used for the review of selection practices.
Summary of their experiences, recommendations, lessons learned, and any other valuable insights gained that would be relevant to an organization when considering a change in the process.
Resources backing these applied experiences, and directly discussing if you have or have not incorporated the insights into the recommendations and why.For more information on Comprehensive Selection Process  read this:

Comprehensive Selection Process

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