Pharmacy Technician

 Read the case study below, and then respond to the questions that follow. A pharmacy technician asks the pharmacist if it’s suitable to substitute Fiorinal No. 3® for Sedapap®, which was prescribed, because of the nearly identical chemical properties of the two drugs.


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Pharmacy Technician
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He explains to the pharmacist that the pharmacy is out of Sedapap and that the prescribing physician did indicate that a suitable substitution medication was allowed. The pharmacy technician fills the order, substituting Fiorinal No. 3® for Sedapap®. The patient takes the Fiorinal No. 3® and is hospitalized after going into anaphylactic shock. Fiorinal No. 3® contains codeine, which the patient is allergic to.


The pharmacy technician later finds out that Fiorinal No. 3®, a Schedule III drug because of its codeine content, is vastly different than the drug simply referred to as Fiorinal®, a non-narcotic agonist analgesic. Question 1: Is this error the fault of the pharmacy technician only? Why or why not? Question 2: Is it the fault of the physician? Why or why not? Question 3: What are the potential outcomes of this error? For more information read this:



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