Recovering Supply Chain Operations

Nissan: Recovering Supply Chain Operations

Written Case Analysis
1. Evaluate Nissan’s business continuity plan (BCP) to recover its supply chain operations. Key areas include: employee safety, protection of facilities, return to minimum acceptable service levels, work with supply chain partners to restore service, and restore operations to pre-crisis levels.

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Recovering Supply Chain Operations
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2. What do you think of Nissan’s performance in managing supply chain disruption? Key operational strategies include: stockpiling inventory, diversifying and backing-up supply, managing demand and strengthening the supply chain.

3. Discuss the resilience strategies that Nissan used to manage the crisis. Strategies include: BCP, risk mitigation, employee training, cross-national leadership, standard parts, information updates, risk assessment, cross-regional and cross-functional employees, demand management.

4. What is a “barrel” supply chain? How did this impact Nissan? Is there another supply chain structure that is a better fit to manage risk?

5. What adjustments / improvement measures should Nissan make before the next crisis?For more information on Recovering Supply Chain Operations read this:

Recovering Supply Chain Operations

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