Team Assessment

Assume you are the team leader on a project at work. You are not the direct supervisor of any of your fellow team members, but their supervisors have asked you to provide them with an assessment of their contributions to the project. You are asked to rate your fellow team members based on the following criteria.

Focus on results
An additional criterion of your own choosing

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Team Assessment
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Create an assessment form that includes space for both a rating and comment for each criterion. Your rating system may be either quantitative or qualitative, as long as it is clear and fair. For an example of a team assessment as well as an excellent discussion about how to evaluate team performance, please read Chapter 6, especially pages 130–136.

Length: No more than one page long

Format: You may create this assessment in a variety of ways, such as Word, Excel, or even Google Forms. Check with your instructor if you have questions about the appropriate format.

Book:Business and Professional communication by Kory Floyd and Peter W Cardon.For more information on Team

Assessmentread this:

Team Assessment

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