Exhibit Proposal

The essay should include:


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Exhibit Proposal
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● An introduction that briefly lays out the problem, summarizes your summaries of the two argumentative sources, and introduces your thesis. (I recommend that you write the introduction after you have written most (or all) of the rest of the paper.)
● A paragraph explaining the background/context. You can draw upon the background source and the argumentative sources here.
● A paragraph summarizing the first argumentative source.
● A paragraph summarizing the second argumentative source.
● A discussion paragraph that brings together your ideas about the two exhibits and the two argumentative sources (this may end up being more than one paragraph)
● A separate works cited page *MLA 8* (do not include this page in the word count)

Explanations of sources:
Background source: A source, assumed to be noncontroversial, used to provide context–what writer and reader can stipulate as shared facts and information.


Exhibit: Documents, data, visual images, or other artifacts that the writer analyzes.


Argument source: The conversation of critical views and relevant scholarship surrounding the writer’s question. Scholarly articles.

For more information on Exhibit Proposal please read this:https://www.encyclopedia.com/science-and-technology/technology/technology-terms-and-concepts/exhibition

Exhibit Proposal

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