Network and Identify Vulnerabilities

respond to the following questions in a Microsoft® Word document. List the question in the paper and follow the question with your answer.


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Network and Identify Vulnerabilities
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Write a brief description of one vulnerability found in the scan, including the operating system on which it was found, its risk factor, and its CVSS scores. Choose a vulnerability that has a CVSS score and not one that is informational. (35 points)
Are the results of default scans different than the credentialed scan? Why or why not? (20 points)
How might an attacker without any credentials attack a network and what would he be able to identify and exploit? (25 points)
This was a simple three computer LAN. Describe the complication addAed to this scan process in a large Enterprise network with over 1000 computers in the LAN/WAN. (25 points)
Consider a cloud-hosted Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment with many new, internet-accessible systems regularly being built and brought online. Describe the challenges with Vulnerability Management in this environment. (25 points)


Organization and Formatting (Cover sheet, References, following formatting instructions)For more information read this:

 Network and Identify Vulnerabilities

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