New Media Essay

New Media Essay Criteria
Your New Media Essay (NME) is the place where you describe how you would solve a new
media problem or how you would develop an effective new media tool or artifact. Utilize course
resources you would use to craft your dream project in the face of continuity and change.
You will compose a New Media Essay that describes you solution/tool focus, the reason for its
need, the strategies you would use as you develop that solution or “tool,” the technical support
you would need to develop that solution or tool, and the process that would go creating or
developing that solution. You must cite and integrate at least four course sources within your
Your NME should be designed with focused attention to an honest and authentic reflection on a
new media solution or tool you wish to develop. Your NME must turn a critical eye to the design
choices you would make to develop the solution or tool. The NME should be about
approximately 1,500-1,700 words in length and around four pages. You must use MLA or APA
style accurately and
in your NME including in your works cited/reference page.
The NME must be written in essay format, and it may be helpful to consider the following
guiding questions as you are crafting and formatting your NME:
How well do you believe your NME creatively and thoughtfully address your new media
problem that requires a solution?
Do you establish a purpose or goal for your solution or tool?
How well does the NME engage the relevant sources we read, discussed, engaged, and/or
viewed together since the first unit of the semester? Are at least four course sources cited and
integrated into your own writing and thinking?
How well does the NME contextualize relevant information about the New Media?
How reflective is the NME in terms of ‘defining new media’? Is there a clear and
working definition of ‘new media’ established? Is the definition well developed through setting
up conflicting perspectives to answer the question of how best to define ‘new media’?
How reflective is the NME in terms of overall solution design choices? Is there a
discussion of the process and the strategies?
Does the NME meet the length requirements, have an imaginative or creative title, and
use MLA or APA style consistently? How well is the Works Cited/Reference Page constructed?
Does the writing demonstrate precise and engaging word choice, an appropriate tone,
logical arrangement, and no distracting grammatical and/or mechanical errors?
Does the NME implement peer feedback that was helpful or generative in shaping your
What have you learned about the subject of new media that you did not know when you
started this NME?
How have you used Crawford and Robinson to showcase the injuries, harms, or
misconceptions that can arise from thinking in terms of ‘generations’ when it comes to
conceptualizing new media, patterns of technology use, or articulating concerns about the
susceptibility of some groups to the power or influence of new media technology.For more information on New Media Essay read this:

New Media Essay2

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