Impact of Crime Scene Photographs on Juries

This paper is for a Forensic Science with Psychology paper.

WORD COUNT: 8,000 -10,000

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Impact of Crime Scene Photographs on Juries
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The layout has been provided. ( Abstract, Introduction, Methods & Materials, Results,Discussion)

Follow the assessment brief.

For now you can begin to do basic research and gather your ideas/thoughts and work on the introduction, abstract etc.

As much sources as possible.

This document will be regularly updated.

You will need to do the following:
-You need to use information from the literature review of my progress report, which will be uploaded.
-I will put together an online survey (survey monkey) and provide the results later on.
-The data needs to be analysed on SPSS to provide the results\outputs.
-Extensive research around the topic area.
-Please use the document provided, this has all the information needed to complete the full assignment.

A few of the papers that have been read are:
-What jurors think : Expectations and Reactions of Citizens Who Serve as Jurors by Shari Seidman Diamond.
-Some Observations on the Psychology of Jurors and Juries by Patterson Dubois
-Gruesome Evidence and Emotion:Anger, Blame, and Jury Decision Making by David A. Bright and Jane Goodman-Delahunty.
-The influence of Gruesome Verbal Evidence on Mock Juror Verdicts by David A. Bright & Jane Goodman-Delahunty
-The Forensic Eye and the Public Mind -The Bertillon System of Crime Scene Photography.For more information about Impact of Crime Scene Photographs on Juries read this:

 Impact of Crime Scene Photographs on Juries

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