Lessons Learned Paper

Class content features critiques of welfare policy from a variety of different perspectives. You also are tasked to constantly be on the lookout for contemporary issues related to poverty in the United States. This short synthesizing reflection paper (2 pages) asks you to link these two themes. What critiques of welfare policy seem particularly salient, convincing, and relevant to you? As policy has evolved and we find ourselves standing in 2020, which poverty issues persist? Can similar policy critiques be levied today? Or are there qualitative differences in today’s context that require policymakers to approach poverty policy differently?

The universe of historical welfare policy critiques is large, and you will be able to choose your focus in this paper. Think about what you find compelling in our discussions, and then ask yourself two lines of questioning: first, “where did that come from” or “why did that happen?” and second, “how is it still relevant today?” and “what can its history teach us in this moment?”

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Lessons Learned Paper
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Papers should be 2 pages, double-spaced, with appropriate citations (you should use the APSA Style

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