International Relations

Topic of the paper: Discuss NUCLEAR STRATEGY. What is current American strategy to use nuclear weapons? Is it adequate? Is it well thought out? How about some of the suggestions we’ve read about revising American strategy: what are they, and do they make sense? Or are they missing something important, for example, the essential insanity of planning for nuclear war?

answers should be as wide-ranging as possible in this short format: I am not interested in answers that look only at a single reading or a single part of the text. This is a chance to show overall understanding of the topics.

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International Relations
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Please use the PDF articles in the files section. I also would like you to use Pevehouse’s textbook, International relations chapter six, section “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (11th or 12th edition would work) the cover of the textbook is in the files sections; you will be able to find the textbook for free on websites like libgen . Please also include other outside sources.For more information on International Relations read this:

International Relations


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