Socio-Cultural Movements

European Perspective (answer each numerical bullet in the form of an essay, not as separate short answers) IDENTIFY and DEFINE the major socio-cultural movements that shaped the perceptions of James Cook and Charles Darwin. IDENTIFY and DEFINE a major concept in the movements that you think influenced the perceptions of James Cook and Charles Darwin.


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Socio-Cultural Movements
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PROVIDE PROOF of the concept using only Cook’s journal and Darwin’s diary. Writing Expectations for all options: USE the MLA_template_Word.doc (replace template’s text with your own) IDENTIFY the option you will answer in the form of an essay, not separate short answers to each bullet. I should see the intro, body, conclusion with the appropriate elements in each of these major paragraphs. PRESENT evidence through summary, paraphrase, or direct quotation.INSERT the appropriate in-text citation for all paraphrases and quotations. USE transition words or phrases between sentences and paragraphs. INCLUDE a Works Cited list.  See:  Help with Citations (Weekly)>Week 1. CHECK spelling, grammar, and mechanics before posting. INSERT the word count for your essay. For more information on Socio-Cultural Movements check:



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