Women and Food Chains

This assignment asks you to read, understand, and synthesize two academic articles: Patricia Allen and Carolyn Sachs’ “Women and Food Chains: The Gendered Politics of Food” and Caroline Bagelman’s “Unsettling Food Security: The Role of Young People in Indigenous Food System Revitalization.”


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Women and Food Chains
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Synthesizing requires you to identify and write about meaningful connections among the ideas presented in multiple texts and to combine this information into a single essay that helps the reader understand each source in greater depth. Your synthesis essay will consist of both a summary and argument. A breakdown of the essay outline is available in Lesson 5: Synthesis. You will need to provide MLA references for both articles using both in-text citations and works cited page. For more information on Women and Food Chains check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_and_food_security



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