Anthropology Assignment

1) For the following fill-in the correct anatomical term: (ex. Inferior, superior, posterior, etc.)
a. Your knee is ____________ relative to your navel.
b. Your sternum is _____________ relative to your right side.
c. Your humerus is __________ relative to your carpals.
d. Your frontal bone is _______________ relative to your occipital bone.
e. Your thoracic vertebrae are _______________ relative to your cervical vertebrae.

2) Identify the different planes of the body.

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Anthropology Assignment
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3) Explain the difference between the terms superior/inferior and proximal/distal.

4) What are some ways that skeletons differ from each other?

5) What are the five functions of the skeleton?

6) What are the two main portions of the skeleton?

7) What is the general term used to refer to a raised area on a bone?

8) Name the five bones that make up the vertebral column.

9) What are the three types of actual vertebrae?

10) What bones does the clavicle articulate with on its lateral end?

11) What is the anatomical name for the kneecap?

12) Identify the following bones

13) How did the parenting style exhibited by your primary caregivers influence your development of morals? Are there any particular events/circumstances that shaped your sense of “right and wrong” the most? For more information on Anthropology Assignment read this:

Anthropology Assignment

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