Art History Compare and Contrast Polykleitos, Spear Bear

1 ½ to 3 pages
1 inch margins
12-point font
Double spaced

The purpose of this paper is to give all members of the class an early opportunity to practice writing a comparison in preparation for the exams of this course.

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Art History Compare and Contrast Polykleitos, Spear Bear
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The assignment: In a short, well-written and carefully edited paper, you are asked to compare and contrast the following two works illustrated in Stokstad’s Art History.

Work I:
Polykleitos, Spear Bear (Doryphoros), 450 BCE, High Classical Greek
Work II:
Lysippos, Weary Herakles, 320 BCE, Late Classical Greek

These works have been selected because they have some similarities in subject and conception, but exhibit marked differences in the elements of their artistic approach to the subject. This paper is a contrast and comparison. You are to talk about the differences and similarities and discuss why those differences and similarities exist – is it because of certain beliefs within the two cultures? Tools available to each culture? The organization of society within each culture?

This paper is a visual comparison and analysis, but it also requires you to include any historical or narrative information that might be pertinent to the overall comparison of the two works. That said, you are not expected to look at any sources outside class except your textbook. Your paper should be in your own words, using your own ideas as developed from reading the Stokstad text and from attending class. Any direct quotes from the text must, of course, be in quotation marks and fully and appropriately cited. See me if you have any questions concerning proper citations.

In your comparison, you should consider elements of construction, orientation, placement, materials used, etc. Basically, you will want to consider the formal qualities of the works. You will also want to consider style and overall meaning and purpose and what factors may have affected the differences and similarities in style and meaning. Consider why the artists made the choices that they made. How did the works’ historical context—social, political, cultural, etc.—affect the artists’ choices? You will want to think about how each work is important as a work of art, but also about how each exemplifies the values of the time and place of its creation.

You will want to set this up as you would any other paper. Make sure to include specific examples from the works to back up any conclusions you make. The paper should be polished and carefully crafted, as it is your first written work for the course and will have a lasting impression on the instructor. Furthermore, your paper should have some type of thesis statement tying it all together. You are not expected to attempt to present any type of life-changing, ground breaking argument, but your paper should have some point of focus that ties everything together. You should also make sure to include an introduction and some type of conclusion.

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing:
● Margins should be no more than 1” on either side (I can tell if they are wider)
● Refrain from big block paragraphs. One paragraph should not take up an entire page
● Titles of works of art should either be italicized or underlined. Do not use quotation marks
● Avoid repetition. Vary your word choice
● Numbers (aside from dates) should be written out in formal writing
● Be mindful of any awkwardness in your writing. Read it out loud or have someone read it for you so that you can make sure that it flows well and that it makes sense
● Cite anything that you take directly from a source. (Make sure you look up the proper way to cite if you are not sure how to do so)
● Your paper should have an introduction and a conclusion
● Watch your use of commas. Make sure that you are putting them in the right places
● Please include page numbers
● Please have a title for your paper. For more information on Art History read this:

 Art History Compare and Contrast Polykleitos, Spear Bear

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