Differences between Cultures

For your midterm, I would like you to pick at least three images from at least three different cultures we have studied so far, which you feel create a meaningful comparison and write a 2-3 page essay about them (double spaced).
Deciding which artworks to compare is the critical thinking aspect of this assignment. The objects chosen should have an important and meaningful reason why they are being compared. For example, think of a unifying reason why you decided to compare these objects, i.e. do they have the same function or basic subject matter? Do they show an interesting stylistic change? Do they highlight the differences between cultures? Do they do all of the above?
Artworks chosen can come from either assigned lectures, videos and/or textbook. Using materials that were not assigned for this class is considered cheating and will result in a zero. This includes non-assigned Khan Academy videos. If you weren’t asked to watch it for class, don’t use it.
Your introductory paragraph should set the scene. It should include the artworks titles, dates and some information about their respective cultures as well as thesis statement (i.e. your unifying reason for comparing these images).
In your essay’s body paragraphs, you should discuss each objects’ subject matter, style, function and historical context.
In your conclusion, you should summarize your major points and how they support your thesis.
Your essay should be 2-3 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font.
No pictures need to be included.
Use parenthetical citations for textbook and/or assigned articles if referenced.
A good essay will not only discuss each artworks’ individual importance but will also compare and contrast these objects. (Link the artworks discussed together for the reader, i.e. specifically mention if something is similar or unlike the previously mentioned artwork. Do not leave it up to the reader (me) to figure out the connection.)
Make sure to use art historical vocabulary and refer to the specific elements within the artworks to support your argument. This is meant to show what you have learned, so the more detail the better!
This assignment is meant to test what you have learned in this class, not from a search of the internet. Using any sources other than the information provided in class, such as in my lectures, assigned readings and/or the textbook is considered cheating and will result in a zero.
If you use information specifically from the assigned readings or the textbook, make sure to cite it like this: (author’s last name, page number), example (Kleiner, 12). You do not need to cite my lectures/videos


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Differences between Cultures
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(Barbara A. Olsen’s “Women, Children and the Family in the Late Aegean Bronze Age: Differences in Minoan and Mycenaean Construction of Gender”)

Note: if you need any additional content let me know please I cannot use any outside source


Differences between Cultures


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