Forbidden Archaeology

Examine the field of Forbidden Archaeology and write a thesis-driven persuasive/analytical essay in which you clearly pinpoint the origins, in both time and place, of human civilization. You should begin by viewing the Forbidden Archaeology PowerPoint included with the unit. This will provide you with a general overview of the topic and some key information pertaining to it.

You must incorporate at least three “Popular Topics in Forbidden Archaeology” in defense or refutation of your thesis. These can be from those included in the PowerPoint or can be of your own choosing. To get started, you may wish to conduct keyword searches using phrases such as “forbidden archaeology”, “extreme human antiquity”, “ancient nuclear war”, etc. It is essential that you carefully research the topic, supporting your thesis with evidence (or a lack thereof) on the side of the debate you choose to argue in your essay.

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a definition and brief overview of the field of Forbidden Archaeology, a brief discussion of the concept as well as a summary of the principal arguments on either side of the debate including those of the principal players (i.e. the big names in the field). You should then narrow your focus (this will be your thesis) to a specific argumentative analysis of the evidence that either defends or refutes the claims of the proponents of the Forbidden Archaeology hypothesis regarding the origins of human civilization (not to be confused with human evolution).

the various pieces of evidence of you have collected in your research and frame these as an argument in defense of your thesis. Remember to answer the “Reporter’s Questions” (Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?) so as to create a clear picture of the topic and your analytical perspective for the reader.

In a thesis-driven essay totaling a minimum of 1200 words answer the following question:

Is the cultural and technological history of our species (Homo sapiens) confined to the past 12,000 years (approx.) as mainstream science currently suggests, or is there evidence to support a much greater antiquity as is suggested by alternative researchers?

Note: Remember to focus your discussion on the “cultural and technological” history of humankind. You should not focus on theories of evolution.


✓ Be sure to have a strong thesis that makes an arguable point. A thesis should not lay the foundation for a summary of a subject such as Forbidden Archaeology. A good thesis will argue the validity/credibility of the field of Forbidden Archaeology based on the evidence, or lack thereof. Remember your thesis must follow the Thesis Makeovers Guidelines.

✓ Adhering to the Thesis Makeovers Guidelines, the three parts of your Thesis Statement must be highlighted exactly as follows:
The “What” portion
The “How” portion
The “So What” portion
➢ Failure to highlight the Thesis exactly as specified above will result in a significant point deduction.

✓ Also, you must highlight each of your topic sentences in pink exactly as exemplified here. NOTE: Only Body Paragraphs contain Topic Sentences.
✓ Format your paper in MLA style. For a description of MLA formatting, you may refer to the MLA Formatting and Style Guide instructional video on Canvas under the English 1A Begin Here module, or you may refer to the MLA handout included in the Composition Lectures/Handouts module on Canvas.
✓ Remember to cite your sources in MLA style. You must cite your sources.
✓ Include an MLA style Works Cited page at the end of your essay.
✓ DO NOT write in 1st (“I”) or 2nd (“you”) person point of view… Use 3rd person point of view exclusively. Use of 1st person and/or 2nd person POV, unless as direct quotation, will result in a significant points deduction.
✓ Include a word count in your heading (not header) on the title page of your essay (failure to do so will result in a point deduction). Essays that do not fulfill the minimum word count will receive a failing grade.

Forbidden Archaeology

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