Freud Essay

Section 1

1 . Freud says that the “instincts tend towards a return to an earlier state.” What is he talking about? Explain.

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Freud Essay
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2. Freud argues that “holding back aggressiveness is in general unhealthy and leads to illness (to mortification What does he mean by this? Is he saying we should be aggressive?

3. Freud says that the whole human body is an ‘erotogenic zone. What does he mean by “erotogenic zone”, and how is the whole body such?

Section 2

1. Freud points out that philosophers argue that unconscious processes are self-contradictory. What does this mean?

2. Freud introduces the term “preconscious”. What does “preconscious” refer to? Explain.


3. Freud differentiates between the preconscious and the unconscious. What’s the difference? Explain.For more information on Freud Essay  read this:

Freud Essay

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