Macroeconomic Research

You have been selected to prepare a brief report to the president of the United States advising him or her about the most appropriate economic policy for the country. For this assignment, you will write a 950-1250-word paper in which you review the current economic indicators (GDP, Unemployment, CPI, Inflation, etc.) and then make recommendations regarding both Fiscal and Monetary Policy.


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Macroeconomic Research
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Although, as we have learned, the president of the United States plays somewhat of a limited role in the direct formulation and implementation of macroeconomic policy, nevertheless each president can have significant influence by articulating their vision for the best direction for the economy in the United States. It is this vision which you are being asked to help the president articulate.


Areas for you to consider, for example, would be should taxes be lowered, raised, or left the same? Should government spending be cut, increased, or stay the same? What contractionary or expansionary monetary policy would be recommended for the Federal Reserve to undertake? Should the Fed sell bonds or buy bonds? Or perhaps the Fed should change the discount rate? Use current economic data (BLS, BEA, etc.) to back up your recommendations.



This paper should be a properly formatted Microsoft Word document and posted to the Canvas assignment drop box no later than midnight on the due date. You may embed a table or chart constructed using Word or Excel into your paper for added clarity. All sources should be properly cited via APA in text and listed on the reference page. As a guideline, a minimum of 4 APA-compliant sources should be used for this assignment (Wikipedia, Investopedia and similar websites are not APA compliant).


Format your paper consistent with:

7th edition APA guidelines
Spell and grammar checked.
A cover sheet is required.
A reference page is required.

For additional help, visit Helpful sources for this assignment:

Bureau of Economic Analysis (
Bureau of Labor Statistics (
Citation Machine: (Cite A Book By Searhing By Title, ISBN, or Keywords)
Congressional Budget Office (
Federal Reserve Bank of the United States (
Purdue University (Purdue University General Format)
White House (

Macroeconomic Research

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