Product Development Process

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What did you learn from your classmate’s posting?
What additional questions do you have after reading the posting?
What clarification do you need regarding the posting?
What differences or similarities do you see between your posting and other classmates’ postings?

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Product Development Process
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Steffee Jahnke


The product development process is a vital step in ensuring that our product will meet the needs of our target market. The process includes a number of steps such as: planning a line, creating the design concept, developing designs, planning production and finally distribution (MUSE, n.d.). There will be a few different ways that we can distinguish our product from competitors. We will use the differentiation technique, when comparing our product to others on the market. We will come up with new product features and benefits to reach our target market.

Our new phone will be a flat screen with glass, but it will be able to fold in half to make it smaller and easier to fit into our customer’s pockets. We will also have the toughest glass on any phone, making it extremely difficult to break. We are also going to implement 5G speeds so that this phone will be one of the fastest out there on the market. Lastly, we will implement new features such as the highest quality front facing camera and augmented reality. Our customers will be able to play new virtual reality games on their cellphones, which will be a brand new feature in the market.

There are two different phases to getting the word out, there is a launch phase and a maintenance phase (MUSE, n.d.). During our launch phase we will advertise our brand new mobile phone in a few different ways. First, we will take to social media and advertise our phones on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These social media sites are used all around the world and can help reach our target market. Next, we will also do advertising on television on cable TV channels and on Hulu. Much of the younger generation no longer have cable TV, but instead use streaming platforms to watch television.

During our maintenance phase we will make sure that we continue to advertise on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but not as aggressively, we will also rank our phone higher up in search engines such as Google. To do this, we will have to pay the search engines to make sure that our phone comes up at the top when customers are typing in key words to direct our target market to our website directly.

Our product name will be the Gen A. Our slogan will be “The newest generation of phones.” The attributes it will have are 5G speeds, highest quality front facing camera, augmented reality, and virtual reality. The benefits will include the world’s toughest glass to keep the phone from breaking and will be able to fold in half to easily fit in our customer’s pockets.


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Heather Escobedo



Hello Michelle,

I am very excited to discuss some branding ideas that I have about our new product. I know our target market will be very impressed with what we will have to offer. Branding is the process in which we get to really shine and show off our product. We must really advertise our new phone and prove to our customers that what we are promising them is real. According to Wickford (2020), coming up with a great product name could be what determines success or failure of the product. We need something that is catchy and promising to our consumers since the name is the first thing that catches their attention.

Social media is the best way for our product to be advertised. We can have ads showing our new phone and its’ features on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. These are the primary social media websites that we will be promoting our product to our target market. One way that our product will stand out from our competitor’s products is our design. The product will offer curved screens to fit in the hands of our customers. The phone will fit horizontally and will also be able to go back to the “normal” flat screened phone for easy storage in a pocket or purse. Something that we will offer with the first fifty thousand purchases will be a case that will be able to fit the customer’s hand, so they are able to comfortably hold their phone while watching videos, streaming shows, or browsing social media.

Customers have many wants and needs when it comes to their phones. We must offer the top of the line product since we have a lot of competitors. One feature that our product will offer is the solar mode. If a customer knows they will be outside or near sunlight, they can enable the solar mode. This mode charges the phone with the sun’s energy and it is convenient for the customer because they don’t have to worry about charging their phone all the time. Another highlight about our phone is that we offer an animal tracker program application for animal lovers. Many people have fears of losing their pets. With this new program, you will never lose your pet again. Once you get your pet microchipped, the program will allow customers to link the microchip and it will work as a GPS to track your pet wherever they are.

These branding ideas will catch the eye of our target audience. The features will not let them down and we have a great amount to offer. Product attributes and benefits are both important in promoting our product. According to Wintermeir (2020), attributes are specific features the phone has to offer like changing background colors, while benefits are what matter most to the customer, like battery life. Here are my ideas for the name, advertising slogan, product attributes, and product benefits:

Product name: Kobe Curve 20

Advertising slogan: Cuddle with the curve in style!

Product attributes: Dark mode, solar mode, animal finder GPS

Product Benefits: Won’t tire your hands, Long-lasting battery life



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Product Development Process

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