Program Analysis Research Paper

Students will be required to research a correctional institution or jurisdiction and select a program from its treatment options. Students are responsible to provide an overview and analysis of the program from the lens of concepts learned in class to include how offenders are assessed and selected for the program, for whom the program is most beneficial, how the program addresses offenders’ risk and criminogenic needs, demonstrated program effectiveness, program model etc.

Students need to compose a 3-5 page paper

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Program Analysis Research Paper
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The paper also must include supporting information from a minimum of three primary academic journal resources.

1. Program description including who (risk) and what (needs) the program targets;
2. Overview of program format and duration;
3. How offenders are assessed and selected for the program;
4. General research that provides empirical findings about the type of program being analyzed, its effectiveness, how it addresses criminogenic needs etc.;
5. Specific research, if available, about the program’s effectiveness and suggestions for improvement, expansion etc.
Grading will be conducted based on the following:

· Submission of proposed subject and list of three (minimum) academic journal sources (Due by 11/10)
· Students are required to develop a description of the program and the jurisdiction in which the program operates
· Students must synthesize concepts from the course and empirical research from a minimum of three academic journal sources within the analysis of the program
· Students must articulate who and what the program targets, provide information known about the program’s effectiveness, if available, and/or any research that would be beneficial to assess the program
· Papers should be free of typos and grammatical errors and should flow in an organized format. Writing style should be formal, concise and clear. All sources must be cited in text. Citations are required to be in APA format and the paper is required to have a bibliography. Papers should have 1 inch margins and 12 point font.
· Students are required to present their program analysis to the class as if he/she is assessing the program within the jurisdiction in which it operates. Students should also participate in others’ presentations by asking questions, provide comments etc. regarding the program analysis.For more information on Program Analysis Research Paper read this:

Program Analysis Research Paper

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