Strategic and Operational Planning

Individual Project Papers should be word-processed in Microsoft Word Document, double spaced using 12 point (none bold) Times New Roman font, pages numbered and structured in accordance with the APA format.

Formulate a strategic plan for a public service agency outlining its Mission, Objectives, Situation Analysis, Strategic Formulation, Implementation, and Control.

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Strategic and Operational Planning
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The Final Project Paper is to be submitted in the following format or organization:

I. Cover Page to include the Course Title and Number, Your Name, Title of Final Paper, Professor’s Name, and Date

ii. Acknowledgment of own original work certification statement.

Iii. Table of Contents

Page 1 Prepare an abstract of the Organization’s Mission including its Mission Statement. The abstract should not exceed 300 words.

Pages 2–4 List the Organization’s Objectives. The Objective section should be 900 words.

Pages 5–9 Prepare the Organizational Situation Analysis. This section should be 1500 words.

Page 10-11 Prepare the Organizational Strategic Formulation. This section should be 600 words.

Pages 12- 13 Prepare the Implementation of the Plan. This section should be 600 words.

Page 14 –15 Prepare the Control Section of the Plan. This section should be 600 words.

Page 16 References – Your statements are to be supported by a reference. Unless a particular portion of the paper request your opinion be cautious when stating your opinion, or using terms suggesting absolute facts. Anything of this nature requires support by reference. Please note our course text which is composed of information cited in other sources. For more information on Strategic and Operational Planning read this:


Strategic and Operational Planning

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