Crime in America

In the textbook for the Course, it is written,“The role of the police in the criminal justice system continues to expand…local police departments now serve numerous other human-service functions, including resolving family disputes, helping people during emergencies and improving community relations”. This exam focuses upon the community relations aspect in reference to the conflicts that occur between the police and African American males which result in the death of the male.

This is a highly complex social problem that demands solid critical thinking and effective education as well as communication processes.

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Crime in America
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In light of the above, please respond to the following in a minimum of three typed pages:

1. Select and describe one incident where an interaction between the police and an African American male resulted in the death of the male.

2. Given the set of circumstances, did the police act in accordance with the law? Was lethal force necessary? Please explain.

3. What are some feasible and effective recommendations that can be employed to resolve or reduce this social problem?For more information on Crime in America read this:

Crime in America

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