Education verses Ignorance in the Narrative of Frederick Douglass

Your paper needs to be 6 pages written in MLA style. If you do 4 pages, it must be 4 full pages. You need to pick a topic from the list at the end of the handout. I will post a sample introduction and body paragraph; please look at them before you start writing. The paper is due on Nov. 3. Topics are on page 2. If you use an outside source, it has to be the one that I am posting on the board. I expect you to follow this format:

Introductory paragraph: You need to end your paragraph with a thesis statement with the points you are going to make in your body. Your thesis is your argument for the paper. You must present an argument on the text and what it is doing. You need to list your essay points in the paper.

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Education verses Ignorance in the Narrative of Frederick Douglass
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Your body paragraphs need to start with the topic sentence which should come from the essay points in your thesis. Your body paragraph should only have one point. Your topic sentence states the argument of the paragraph. You should also include evidence from the text and a detailed analysis of how this evidence supports your point. You should have very little summary.

Your paper needs to be double spaced, use Times New Roman and 12-point font. You need to have an MLA heading in the upper left-hand corner. If you want to use an outside source, you can only use the article that I have posted. If you use them, you must cite them correctly. Citations within the paper should be as follows:

In-text Quotation

When you quote from the text, you need to make sure that your quotes start within a sentence. You need to create the sentence and incorporate the quote within the sentence. This is an example:

At the end of the day Wilbur made “in excess of half a million dollars” (last name of author, page number).

Works Cited page:

You also need a Works Cited page. The works cited page does not start on the same page as the last page of the paper. For example, if your paper is 4 ½ pages, the works cited page starts on page 5. Your works cited page should be as follows.

Mullane, James Thomas. “The Road to “I” dentity in Narrative of the Life of Frederick

Douglass.” CEA Critic, Vol. 57, no. 2, Winer 1995, pp. 26-40, JSTOR,

Stable URL:


The following is the citation for Narrative of Frederick Douglass

Douglass, Frederick. “Narrative of Frederick Douglass” Norton Anthology of World Literature,

Edited Martin Puchner, W.W. Norton, 2012, Page Range.


Life as a slave

Education vs. Ignorance

How is religion used.



Resistance to Slavery

Abuse of Women.For more information on Education verses Ignorance read this:

Education verses Ignorance in the Narrative of Frederick Douglass

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