Ethics Philosophy

Please answer your assigned question as thoroughly as you can. A good SW will almost never be shorter than half a page and they will usually be about a page long. No heading other than the number of the question that you’re answering is necessary or useful. You need not and should not paste the question onto the page. These are supposed to be thoughtful responses to course material, not final term papers. They should be clear and not ornamented with English-paper nonsense. Just come to the point and stick to it.

Tell me what it is to have the right to do something. Be sure not to focus on some specific example, and don’t make the mistake of thinking that having the right to do something is being able to do it — we aren’t able to do plenty of things we have the right to do, and we don’t have the right to do plenty of things that we’re able to do. Justify your answer.

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Ethics Philosophy
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When Jefferson says that “we hold these truths to be self-evident”, what does he mean by ‘self-evident’? He does not mean “obvious”. (Hint: calculus is also “self-evident” in the same sense.)
Why, according to Paine, do governments exist? Explain his view as deeply as you can.
Those “truths” that Jefferson says are self-evident: are they true? If they’re mostly true but one of them is false, explain why that one’s false. If they’re mostly false but one of them is true, explain why that one’s true. If they’re all true, why? If they’re all false, why?

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