Nutrition Education

Please follow and read the instructions thoroughly:
this is a 25 page annoted biblopgraphy
-20 bibs must follow/be related to the following prompt:
Status of nutrition education in medical school and its importance

-5 bibs (sources) must be related to the following novel:

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Nutrition Education
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The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair

(the novel has the potentioal to be related to nutrition and the prompt)



The sources MUST be valid and reliable

In this class CRAAP method is required to be done before choosing any source- the method is attached

Reliable sources:


.gov, .edu, .org are reliable

-Would be best to use current sources

-A reliable source is one that provides a thorough, well-reasoned theory, argument, discussion, etc. based on strong evidence. Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles or books -written by researchers for students and researchers.


There is a specific way to write this annotated bibliography instructed by professor:

MLA format

Each page should include ONE paragraph of ONE source.

The page should be fully written/ no page should be less than a page, nor more.

The source has to be on top of the page

The summary of it has to fill the page (I will be attaching a sample)


– – – – – –


1)25 bibs (5 related to novel, 20 related to prompt)- novel bibs has to get related to nutrition

2)use reliable source (no .com/.net etc) -CRAAP method attached

3)follow instructions on how it should look like, (the source has to be on top, there should only be ONE graph per page and each paragraph should FILL THE WHOLE PAGE, no more, nor less) – sample attached




– I will be attaching my original prompt which this bibliography is taking place for as well.


my prompt

CRAAP method

how this bibliography should look like.For more information on Nutrition Education read this:

Nutrition Education

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