Technology Change

It is a Peer Review, so feedback on their writing is needed also, these are the questions that must be answered using the source given.
In the first paragraph, does the writer make clear to you what they see as the problem? What is the problem?


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Technology Change
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What strategy does the writer employ to get your attention? For instance, do they open with an example? Tell a story? Describe?


Does the writer include three of the five writers in the statement of background?


Does the writer properly introduce each source and provide adequate discussion of key ideas? Is this section multi-paragraphed?


Does the writer establish connections or relations between each source?


Does the writer make clear their position in response to the ideas introduced before they provide a thesis statement?


Is the thesis an argumentative statement that clearly answers one of the four questions?


Overall, what advice can you provide the writer about their paper?For more information on Technology Change read this:

Technology Change

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