The Role of a Public Health Nurse

As you look back on Sessions A & B of Public Health Nursing, reflect on what you knew then and what you know now about the role of the public health nurse and her/his importance locally as well as globally to various communities. ASSIGNMENT: Week 8 Community Health Paper Write a paper that addresses the following: What is the role of a community health nurse? How does the community health nurse assist the families of patients in their home settings?


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The Role of a Public Health Nurse
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What are some of the barriers related to the initiation of home care services in communities? How does living in an urban area versus a rural area affect home care services? Your paper must be three to four pages in length, in APA format, typed in Times New Roman with 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1” margins. Include a minimum of three references. For more information on The Role of a Public Health Nurse check:,the%20people%20within%20that%20community.&text=The%20public%20health%20nurse%20looks,can%20be%20resolved%20or%20minimized.


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