Vulnerable Populations

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After listening to the lecture on vulnerable populations for research and reading the article on this web site complete this assignment,

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Vulnerable Populations
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This assignment requires that students discuss the vulnerable population in terms of ethics not their medical condition While the Corona virus can make anyone sick, some Americans are more at risk of getting an infection and developing severe complications due to their social and economic circumstances. Health care managers will play an important role in helping to prevent these populations from getting or spreading the COVID-19 virus. When completing this assignment virus vulnerable populations include anyone who has difficulty:

reading, speaking, understanding or communicating
accessing medical care or health advice
doing preventive activities, like frequent hand washing and social distancing
ongoing specialized medical care or needs specific medical supplies such as the disabled
ongoing supervision needs or support for maintaining independence
difficulty accessing transportation
economic barriers
unstable employment or inflexible working conditions
social or geographic isolation, like in remote and isolated communities
insecure, inadequate, or nonexistent housing conditions
For this assignment select two vulnerable populations and describe why they are vulnerable due to and their social and economic circumstances and what can be done by health care managers to decrease the populations’ vulnerability. You can address the vulnerability of the homeless, mentally ill, uninsured, the economically disadvantaged, language, racial or ethnic minorities, the undocumented or other immigrants or the disabled.

Requirements for assignment

Uploaded as a doubled-spaced MS Word
Write a separate paragraph for the discussion of each population
Each paragraph must be at least 10 sentences and free from grammar, spelling and punctuation errors
Answers must reflect logic and demonstrate understanding and correct use of terminology and concepts described in the lecture
All stated facts must be properly referenced in footnotes in APA 6th edition format (not just link or web address)For more information on Vulnerable Populations read this:

Vulnerable Populations

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