Science in Cybersecurity

This is a Statement of Purpose paper for admissions into graduate school for my Masters. The school is Kennesaw State University and i am going for the strictly online program. They want to know why i want to enroll in the MS- Cybersecurity and what i plan do with the information that i will learn.

Here is some background information about me,
“name is Milton Baker. I graduate with a bachelors in Business administration in Computer Information Systems from Savannah State University back in May of 2019. I have some experience as an IT Support Intern my last year in undergrad as a troubleshooter, installation of multiple Wi-Fi networks for the school, was held accountable desktops & laptops with login and password access, assisted the senior Technician on making sure the school’s firewall was working properly and made sure the equipment was set up and connected correctly for the IT department. My main classes for my undergrad degree were Business Information Systems, Web Application Development, Data Communication & Computer Networks, Database Design, Programming Visual Basic, System Analysis and Design and Project Management.”
The Information that i will learn in the program, i want to use to further my career in IT to become an “IT Technician” first to be part of a stepping stone in my career and then i would further want to become an “Information Security Analyst” and then last i would like to end my career as a “System Administrator”.

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Science in Cybersecurity
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So this is what i need in the paper:
1. Introduce yourself (Me), and that i am interested into applying for the program
2. Summarize my undergrad and IT intern experiences
3. Discuss the relevance of recent, previous or current activities
4. Elaborate on my academic interest
5. I needs to be about 2 pages as well

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Science in Cybersecurity

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