Criminal Profile Paper

** Criminal is Lonnie David Franklin, Jr. **

Criminal Profile Paper

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Criminal Profile Paper
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You are to select an obscure and relatively unknown serial killer/criminal and explain the biological, situational and developmental factors that contributed to the criminal’s behavior. Examine their crimes and provide motive, intent, MO and Signature analysis. The paper must be double-spaced and10-15 pages in length (not including the title page or references). References should be from at least three sources, including but not limited to textbooks, academic journals, professional journals, and web-based materials (Wikipedia is not a proper source). All sources need to be properly citied in APA style. The Profile paper needs to be thorough and detailed with a comprehensive description of the subject’s background (criminal and non- criminal). The paper should seek to explain the subject criminal’s behavior utilizing techniques and theories learned in class. Please include information on the criminal’s M.O./Signature. Include the offender’s motive and intent.


Paper Grading Rubric


Detailed & comprehensive description of background

(including biological, situational, & developmental factors): 10 points


Description of crimes: 10 points


M.O., signature features, motive, & intent: 10 points


At least 10 pages in length: 2 points


APA format: 5 points


On time paper: 3 points (3 points

off per calendar

day of lateness)


40 points

Criminal Profile Paper

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