Film Critique of Forrest Gump

For this project, you need to write a film critique of the movie Forrest Gump. Using course content, write an essay explaining whether or not the crimes portrayed in the movie are accurate to how things happen in real life. You may discuss crime trends during the 1960s, specific crimes in the movie such as drug abuse, aggravated assault, racism, and sexual abuse, or apply class theories to characters’ actions.


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Film Critique of Forrest Gump
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-5 pages in length

-3 references to crimes or crime theories (example: Strain Theory, Jenny’s drug use, aggravated assault during the protests)

-Statistics and class content to support each reference to crimes or crime theories.

-PROPER GRAMMAR; any paper with more than 10 mistakes in the first paragraph is an automatic re-write before I will grade it. You are always permitted to have someone else look over your paper when it is finished and suggest edits.




This is not a research paper. Nothing needs to be cited. If you have questions about information from class or the book I can send it. Statistics that you do find online, please leave the links at the end but most information should come from the book and/or powerpoints.


This the book: Criminology (Justice Series) (3rd Edition) by Frank Schmalleger ISBN-13: 978-0133805628 ISBN-10: 013380562X
I have powerpoints but the book is more in-depth.
We’ve only read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Film Critique of Forrest Gump

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