Impact of Effective Management in an Organization

Purpose: This assignment will provide you an opportunity to examine the impact of effective management on the overall success of an organization. You will need to utilize resources available through the library and other sources (including the internet) to obtain information. You will be required to examine an organization from a variety of points of view with a focus on its planning, organizing, and controlling. In your paper you should discuss and identify as many Principles of Management concepts as possible. Conclusions should be drawn regarding the effectiveness of the use of the broad range of management tools and their impact on the success of the company.


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Impact of Effective Management in an Organization
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Introduction: COVID-19 has had an impact on all of us. It has certainly affected businesses all around the world. Your challenge is to select a company you can examine from the variety of perspectives covered in this course. Most specifically, these include Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. You will examine the company you select utilizing a variety of research sources: business publications, the company’s own external and internal communications, the mass media, etc. From your research, you will be able to answer the following questions. Your paper, which should be 7 – 15 pages in length, should present with the headers described below, with citations and presentation utilizing the APA or MLA guidelines.


Directions: Select a publicly traded US company. Companies in the Fortune 500 are strongly suggested. Research the top management of the organization, and detail the strategies that they advocated to help the company through the COVID-19 epidemic. As many companies had problems which led to lay-offs and retrenchment, this is an ideal time to focus on how management is working to move the company through these difficult economic times. Examine the critical issues that the organization faced, and detail the strategies employed to mitigate them. All top managers are not successful. If the company you choose employed strategies that failed, detail the failure and add analysis as to why it failed and what may have been done to foster success.


1. Research all aspects of what this company did when it comes to pre and post planning for the economic disruption of COVID.

2. Complete a SWOT Analysis on the planning of this company. Use your research to finish the SWOT. (Present a rich SWOT. Bullet points with one-liners. ALL factors, news, and information presented in your above analysis should translate into SWOT items.)

Strengths: (use bullets to list entries)

Weaknesses: (use bullets to list entries)

Opportunities: (use bullets to list entries)

Threats: (use bullets to list entries)

3. Evaluate the SWOT and write your findings and suggestions to the planning this company employed or needs to employ to deal with the impact of COVID.

Impact of Effective Management in an Organization

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