Pipeline to Prison

This is an argumentative research paper that I have the sources for . You must introduce the sources in the intro as well. Here is the professor guidelines

Basic Guidelines

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Pipeline to Prison
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· This will be an argumentative research paper. You will pick one of the Big Four-Race, Gender, Sexuality, Social Class (or a combo which is highly encouraged) – and write a paper on one of these issues. You will argue something about one of these topics using literature to back up your argument

· You will use 6-8 articles – library articles and sources from your book.

o What is peer reviewed? They need to be peer reviewed

o https://library.wayne.edu

· MLA format is standard, if you are a sociology student or another major, use format that you should be using for your major, otherwise just use MLA. 12 point font, double-spaced.https://www.reddit.com/r/wikipedia/comments/2nfi9u/schooltoprison_pipeline/

Pipeline to Prison


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