Critical Reflection on Heteronormative Violence

2. Critical Analysis (4 ¾ pages, double-spaced, maximum)

a) Directly quote what you found to be the most compelling thesis statement, related to gendered violence, in the readings of the module. State the thesis statement in your own words.

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Critical Reflection on Heteronormative Violence
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b) Respond analytically to the thesis statement, using the material in the module as a framework for your analysis. Explain why you find the argument compelling. Explain, in your own words, a few important pieces of evidence used by the author to support their argument. Develop your own analysis in response to the compelling argument and evidence. Use the module readings and videos, and their analyses, concepts, and evidence in crafting your analytical response. Make sure you support your own analysis with credible evidence.


The content of the paper must reflect an understanding of all of the course

readings, videos, and seminar discussions. You may use other course readings to support your analysis, but the focus must be on the material from the module chosen. Personal examples or examples from your own life cannot be used in this assignment.


Avoid lengthy quotes, but adhere to academic integrity in the use of other authors’ and students’ words and ideas. This assignment should convey your ideas and

your analysis of other authors’ work.


Your development of analytical thinking and writing is important to this assignment.


***Sources will be provided to you.

 Critical Reflection on Heteronormative Violence9

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