Proposal Assignment

Paper Three: Outline and write a proposal that addresses your choice of assignments 1 or 2 on page 168. Demonstrate your best MLA formatting and citation. Choose the appropriate level of style for your paper, but avoid using first-person pronouns in the piece.

Or, here is an alternate assignment: Read “Is That Plastic in Your Trash a Hazard?” (723-726) by Michael Todd; outline and write a paper that addresses assignment 2 on page 727. You can use the databases on our libguide or visit the library for help. (Note that Todd’s proposal is not written in MLA format, but yours should be.)

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Proposal Assignment
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Your paper should be at least 1,200 words (including the works cited).

Craft an outline like the one on page 349 that includes topic headings and subpoints; those subpoints should be specific. Considering the relationship among the parts of paper will help you make the outline specific.



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Proposal Assignment

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