Disease that Affects the Respiratory System

you will be researching a condition or disease that affects the respiratory or integumentary system. You will need to describe the following:

1. What is the disease or condition?

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Disease that Affects the Respiratory System
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2. What is the pathophysiology of the condition?

3. Who is at risk or what can cause it?
4. What are the signs and/or symptoms?

5. What is the current treatment for it?

6. What are some preventive tests or lifestyle changes you can make to avoid getting it? Please make sure your writing is thorough and informative. Use credible resources for your research and make sure to provide the references you used, to avoid plagiarism. For more information check out this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Respiratory_disease#:~:text=Respiratory%20diseases%20range%20from%20mild,and%20severe%20acute%20respiratory%20syndromes.

Disease that Affects the Respiratory System

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