Early Childhood Education Observation

Please watch YOUTUBE video: https://youtu.be/v49pNQa0X7E

Please write a one page reflection in essay form, (400 – 500 words) including the applicable information based upon the following topics/ questions:

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Early Childhood Education Observation
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I. Classroom Environment (task-oriented, relaxed, or otherwise appropriate for music-making and learning)

II. Teaching Techniques (speaking, questioning, demonstration, visuals, movement, and use of teaching aids, manipulative, technology)

III. Teacher Communication Skills (movement, gestures, facial expressions, vocal inflection, eye contact, and other non-verbal communication)

IV. Teacher Musicianship (does the teacher include music for routines and transitions, is music used as a teaching tool, does the teacher sing, dance and play along?)

V. Student Responses (active vs. passive participation, musical interaction with other students and with the teacher)

What was successful, effective, or made a difference for the students?
Did you notice any problems? If yes, how were they addressed?
What did you learn from this observation?
What if anything do you think you can use in your own work with children after this observation

Include anything else that you found interesting and worthy of mention.

Answer the question on the documentation form attached and also a 400-500 page paper summarizing using the questions answered on the sheet.http://resourcesforearlylearning.org/fm/early-childhood-assessment/

Early Childhood Education ObservationA

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