Gun Control

• Title page
o Must contain your name, instructor’s name, an original title for the document, date, and course number

• Five (5) pages of text
o The body of the paper should be at least five (5) pages long and no longer than eight (8) pages long
o There must be a clear introduction paragraph and a concluding paragraph
o In total, the minimum number of pages that should be turned in is seven (7)

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Gun Control
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• Bibliography/works cited page
o Paper must have at least five (5) independent sources
o While it is not mandatory to cite all sources within the text of the paper, general sources must be cited properly on a bibliography/works cited page
o You must cite directly quoted material or material that is taken verbatim from a specific source in the text
o NO Plagiarism: If plagiarism is confirmed, then a failing grade of “0” shall be earned for the paper

*not fulfilling one or any of the above requirements will result in points deducted from your overall score
Extra points for creativity/novelty/attendance may be added to the final at instructor’s discretion. For more information on Gun Control check on this:

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